Your Vote! Your Right! Your Choice!

Join Disability Rights Pennsylvania’s CEO and Deputy Director, Peri Jude Radecic and Judy Banks, for a Voting Rights training for the November 8, 2016, General Election. DRP discusses federal voting rights laws for people with disabilities, assistance with voting, polling places, absentee ballots, change of addresses, new voter registrations, and what to do if you run into problems on Election Day.


The Disability Voting Coalition of PA ( shares this video called “Vote” from the Northeastern PA Center for Independent Living. The video stresses the value of voting, especially for people with disabilities. “Vote” shares Christian Budney’s personal beliefs about voting as well as the obstacles he encounters in exercising his right of civic engagement. It highlights the variety of challenges facing people with disabilities when they vote. One of the major issues is the physical accessibility of local polling places. In surveying the voting sites in Lackawanna County, deficiencies were found at every site where ballots were cast.

ECTV Interview with Keith Williams, Northeast PA Center for Independent Living

Find out more about the work of the Northeast PA Center for Independent Living

Community Organizing

An interview with two community organizers on how they got started in community organizing and their successes in advocating around accessibility issues. They will provide you with tips of what worked and what were the barriers they faces as community organizers. This program is a production of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania.

Media Advocacy

Most people get their information and often form opinions based on reports from the news media—newspapers, television and radio. Successful advocacy groups know how to work with the media to deliver their messages and educate members of their communities, as well as policy makers and key decision makers. Marie Yeager, an Emmy Award winning television news producer and communications consultant, will help workshop participants learn to use media to attain your goals.

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